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After a crash, I've noticed Firefox will reopen one or more tabs (each in one or more browser instances) back to the same URL the tab(s) were at prior to the crash -- as long as the instances themselves were not in Private Browsing (PB) mode. However, when the instances are in PB mode (which I generally use), then Firefox does not reopen those tabs, thus causing me to lose all the web locations I had navigated to.

I suggest the idea that as part of its crash recovery routine, Firefox save the URLs for tabs open in PB mode so users are not left with the task of having to reinstate all tabs themselves by memory (which can be impossible if you have more than 3 or 4 tabs open at once). The ideal solution would be for Firefox to automatically reopen tabs from PB mode back in PB mode. Alternatively, even if Firefox does not automatically restart the browser in PB mode for those tabs, it could at least save the URL (and ideally, the "Go back one page" history for each tab) in a file that a user can access and then open the tab(s) manually.

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