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Status: New idea

Hello, I would like a way to save firefox browsers screen size and position. Currently, my firefox browser opens in full screen mode. Thank you.  Mike

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Making moves

Sounds more like a setting problem. Try the following:

Press F11 to bring Firefox out of Fullscreen mode.

Set window to desired size by dragging edges.

Exit Firefox while NOT in fullscreen mode by going to File > Exit

Whilst Firefox is closed check the shortcut properties:

  • Right click on shortcut icon and select 'Properties'
  • Run: select 'Normal Window'
  • Click on 'Apply'
  • click on 'OK'

Start Firefox.

Does this fix the issue?


New member
Thanks for the input. I should have mention my problem is on Ubuntu Linux with Firefox installed via snap.
This is from  my machine:
# System Details Report
## Report details
- **Date generated:**                              2024-03-07 15:25:59
## Hardware Information:
- **Hardware Model:**                              MEI GSeries
- **Memory:**                                      12.0 GiB
- **Processor:**                                   Intel® Core™ i7-4770K × 8
- **Graphics:**                                    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
- **Disk Capacity:**                               280.0 GB
## Software Information:
- **Firmware Version:**                            P1.20C
- **OS Name:**                                     Ubuntu 23.10
- **OS Build:**                                    (null)
- **OS Type:**                                     64-bit
- **GNOME Version:**                               45.2
- **Windowing System:**                            X11
- **Kernel Version:**                              Linux 6.5.0-25-generic

Sorry I forgot to include all this. I don't seem to have a problem with Firefox on the Windows machine.
Once again, Thanks for your input.