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Status: New idea

One day, a few years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I thought I was able to save one Bookmark to multiple locations, but I may have been smoking a big joint, & only imagined it.

So, I would like to make the suggestion of being able to save a single Bookmark into multiple folders.

Why? Because, the more options I have at my disposal when using something, the better.

Why would it be better? Because, when something is better, it makes me happier.

Why does it make you happy when something is better? Because, when something is better & I am happy, then the whole world is a little happier.

Why would the whole world be happier, if you were happier, just because something was better?


> If you kick a dog in the head, the dog won't love you

> If you kick a dog in the head 10 times, the dog really won't love you

> But, if you give a dog a treat, the dog will love you

> And, if you give a dog 10 treats in one day, the dog's tail will wag around you forever

> So, hate leads to war, & love inspires to peace

> If you kick another country in the "head", the "head" of the country will kick you back

> But, if you love another country, the country will love you back

So, what does a dog have to do with my idea? If you implement my idea into the Firefox browser, my tail will wag around you forever!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Strollin' around

+1 !

And I would love to see where else (i.e., all folders in which) a bookmark is saved!