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Ultimately I browse with many tabs opened at the same time doing investigations and research and found myself wanting to, somehow, save my current session and continue later or the next day.

My idea is, when I'm in Firefox and want to finish what I'm doing because I can't finish it at the moment my investigation or something else, some how, save my current session (opened tabs at the moment) clicking a button and wen its saved(remember current tabs opened) Firefox closes automatically, then later or the other day when I open Firefox again, it open the homepage and a notification from Firefox showing "restore last session?" and the same notification let me select yes or close notification which will cancel that.

I hope it can make a bit better Firefox.

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Save and restore tabs

Add an option to save active open tabs so that when people restart their computer, they can easily restore where they left off

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I’ve been wanting something just like that for so long now

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This sounds like what Firefox does when it closes due to powering off your computer or updating your browser. It would be nice to have a button that does it too but i think it can be even better. Check out my idea at and maybe give your kudos ^_^

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Yes if you have two windows open, firefox only opens back up the last one to close. Not sure if thats a bug or is intended, but I think all the windows should reopen.

As for sessions, all tabs do reopen, however they typically tend to reload, so any unsaved form data is lost. I think pages with form data should save its current state and reopen without reloading.

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I do not think there is a "fits-all" solution.

In my case, I use two extensions for different purposes:

- Tab Stash

Saves pages as bookmarks so it has the best integration with browsers. It is easy to organize, search and selectively add or open tabs and windows.

- Tab Session Manager

Automatically saves tabs and windows with a buffer of ~15 windows. It is great to start in the last session you were in.

- Easy Session Manager

It is easy to back up a session, which includes a JSON file with windows and the URLs of each tab in each window. This is a format easy to read and store for a long time. I use it when I know I want to come back after a long period.


I am sure that people have their flavors, these are some of mine and I use them all for different tasks.