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Ultimately I browse with many tabs opened at the same time doing investigations and research and found myself wanting to, somehow, save my current session and continue later or the next day.

My idea is, when I'm in Firefox and want to finish what I'm doing because I can't finish it at the moment my investigation or something else, some how, save my current session (opened tabs at the moment) clicking a button and wen its saved(remember current tabs opened) Firefox closes automatically, then later or the other day when I open Firefox again, it open the homepage and a notification from Firefox showing "restore last session?" and the same notification let me select yes or close notification which will cancel that.

I hope it can make a bit better Firefox.

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For what it's worth, there exist multiple different extensions with the functionality you are requesting. My personal favorite is Tab Stash.

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That is right sir I use it too . I am sure Firefox will come up with something even more creative ! 

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Hi all! @Rz_1010 @MintMain21 @Jon How are you guys? I would like Firefox to offer this feature natively without extensions and I imagine whoever proposed it here also imagines this

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I'm good.


Offering features natively is always nice, but Mozilla is smart enough to know when they can do something better than extension developers and when they can't.


If they can offer this feature natively, the yes please. Otherwise, I'm content with what I got.



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would be useful have a way to store tabs in group or not without being bookmarks, easily saved and used later

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"Clear history when Firefox closes" should not clear "last session" for obvious reasons

"Die Chronik löschen, wenn Firefox geschlossen wird" löscht auch die Sitzung, so dass "Vorherige Sitzung wiederherstellen" nicht möglich ist. Das macht aus meiner Sicht wenig Sinn.

"Clear history when Firefox closes" also clears the session, so "Restore previous session" is not possible. In my view, that makes little sense.



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Came here to suggest exactly this. This is the #1 feature web browsers need right now IMO. Finally have enough RAM to keep all these tabs open, but I still want to close them and reopen them later as a group to continue the research grind. Would be nice to have an AI generated picture thumbnail so you can easily remember groups with the cool looking thumbnail you generated the first time you saved it.

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Save the state of tabs in a session. Firefox Feature request

Often when researching a given topic I will have open numerous tabs, I do not always have the time to review all of the material at that time and it may be a week or longer till I get back to the topics. It would be nice to be able to save the state to a folder (containing other research material). As opposed to keeping the window open hogging resources for the week or two (or clumsily making bookmarks of all the pages).