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New member
Status: New idea

Would like a mail client that functions similar to to the older Novell 6.5 GroupWise Client. No need to configure a user on every machine used to access mail using Local IMAP or POP.

The client is installed on whatever computer and the users settings are loaded at login.

No need to configure the user on the computer. Any user with an account can login to mail from any PC from anywhere. Messages are stored on the server but can also be stored locally. 

There are NO user configurations on the PC or MAC. Configurations follow the user when they login via the client. Client / Server access uses PORT 1677 by default. Administrators can, if they wish, determine what they want the client to do based on group or user.

This makes a mail client much easier to implement across multiple platforms and reduces administration because nothing needs to be done at the computer after the client is installed. I prefer this over Browser based clients.


Thank you