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To be able to right click on an email and be able to remove it from the junk mail filter to trusted in one easy click

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Making moves

Current right click method uses: Mark > As Not Junk (Total 3 clicks)

OR via keyboard - you do not have to use the rigth click - you can use the equivalent key to display right click option then press hold down Shift key, press 'k' then press 'n' (3 click/key selection)

There are many various method already available which are much quicker than using the 'right click' option. AS you wanted less clicks then there are plenty of options already available.

Select email in list and press/hold down 'Shift' key and press 'J' key. (2 click/ key action) - it unmarks as junk and moves email to Inbox

If message marked as Junk by Thunderbird:

Enable the 'Column header' called 'Spam' (note this used to be called 'Junk')

Then you do not even need to use a right click - just click on the red/orange flame icon. (One click)

If email is marked as junk and you know it isn't, select email so it displays in Message Pane then click on 'Not Junk' (2 clicks)