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Hello. I recently realized that the recent release of Mozilla had the reveal password feature. As much as this is a great feature, it circumvent the master password security feature. To clarify, the master password was put there to secure our login details. However with this new reveal password feature, anyone can just see the password without the need to enter the master password. What is the need for a master password if the reveal password feature renders it useless. I want the reveal option to be linked with the master password as well. If you need to reveal your password, you need to enter the master password. That will make it much more secure like it intended to be. Thank you.

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In addition to FF offering its own method for revealing passwords without requiring the Primary Password to be entered, some websites show the eyeball icon in their password fields.  Both of these methods will reveal passwords entered automatically by the FF password manager.

I would like to be able to store passwords for use, but I never want them visible unless I enter my Primary Password.  This is a feature that Safari had on Mac for at least 20 years.  Are web sites overriding this somehow?

I can understand having the eyeball feature for when you are manually typing in a password, or when you are creating a new password... but it should always be disabled when using a password manager.