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Status: New idea

The "Page Info" window is a fundamental tool for any Firefox user, and never should have been removed from the context menu.

It's even more important than something like, say, "Inspect Accessibility Properties", and yet "Inspect Accessibility Properties" remains.

So please restore "Page Info" as an option in the right-click menu.

Making moves

Hi, there Firefox Team and everyone else who reads this,

I miss the feature where it was possible by right clicking with the mouse to open the "Page info" window since a certain release.

Now it's "Ctrl+I" or something in the top thing, but pretty hard to remember.

I would love to see the simple version come back where it's just "right click" = context menu = "Open Page Info", just like in the recent past.

It was one of the most useful things I found in a Browser, similar to browser extensions in recent memory.

Thank you for reading.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

thank you, I hope that Page Info comes back into the context menu, one big reason why I like firefox over other browsers, having this feature.