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Making moves
Status: New idea

Example of my reason for being here: Imagine if one day someone rearranged the standard keyboard and put the QWERTY line of keys under the ASDFG line, unlike anyone else. That's what it feels like after using something for years and unexpectedly have it move with the assumption that we'll GET USED TO IT.

Please help us keep somethings consistent in our use of your browser. Of necessity, I'm back and forth between Firefox and Safari. I'd like to find browser page layouts with elements in the same position or it's like stumbling every time I try to do something that took no thought before. Please don't suggest that we'll get used to it. There is far too much changing out there to have to get used to something in has been in common use by everyone for years. Ease of use has got to be a priority.

A well-used site like Amazon whose similar page layout with a product search window and their own line of tabs below it clashes with your stack of similar browser items--all piled up on each other. I'm beginning to use Firefox less because of this. I move around at lightning speed until I get to Firefox and then BAM! Mini roadblocks.


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