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I sometimes need two webpages displayed at one time on the same monitor. To do this, I resize both webpages so that they're half their size. If I need to use the Find Bar, I still type Ctrl+F and that generates it. However, because I resized the webpage, it cuts off half the #FindBar. Scrolling left and right doesn't work, so I have to maximize the webpage again if I want to see the full Bar.

Thanks Devs for all your hard work!

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Hi, what is getting cut off on your Find bar? The X should stay visible, but you may lose "Whole Words" as you make the window narrower.

Making moves

Yeah, I don't follow the issue either.  Is part of the resized pages covered?  If the window is taller than you can see (drag a full size window down to move the bottom off the screen) then the find feature will still appear at the bottom that you can't see (or does for me).

I use the left and right half of my screen when doing multiple windows at once.  In Windows 10 you drag the window's top bar (title bar) to the far left or right edge, and it'll maximize the window to cover half the screen when you let go.  Drag to the top for a full screen maximize.  I assume there are ways to do that in Linux or Mac too.  Works for tabs too (grab the bar and drag to far left or right edge will make a new window with only that tab in it).

Android is it's own animal.  I've never tried to use multiple windows at once in it.  But I know some tablets support it.