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Status: New idea

It seems to me that at one time Thunderbird had options to reply with or without quoting. Or at least some other clients I have used have that option. I know there is a setting for this, but I find that I want to use one option about as often as the other. It would be really nice if there were two buttons (and two menu options) so the option could be on a per-message basis.

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Giving every possible function a different button ... sounds unreasonable.

The next people want setting to set the inline per ...

  • .. per contact
  • or per day/time
  • or whatever else

Making  "reply with quote" the default  and using  CTRL+A  + Backspace/Del  to clear the  message seems to be simple enough. But maybe other people feel differently today about this... i guess defaults change every generation.

New member

If I had known about the CTRL+A + Backspace/Del option, I wouldn't have made the request.