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The new backup in Thunderbird seems a great idea for large organisations but for domestic users trying to copy and save a CSV file of their little address books, it's a disaster.  Please reintroduce the "Export Address Book" button.  I note on your forums there are many requests for sorting address books since the introduction of the new system I have 4 computers in my home and all I want to do is have the same or similar address book on each one.  Otherwise, it's great.

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Please an export function for individual address books, like in the old Thunderbird.

Bitte eine Exportfunktion für einzelne Adressbücher, wie im alten Thunderbird.

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yes, it´s complicate to save the adresses. Why is there no possibility to export with one klick on the usersurface all the adresses and save them? This is possible in every other program. To find them in thunderbird is something for experts...

Good luck and thanks

Adrian Wellmann

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Very annoying that this feature no longer available.  Need a methos to export assress book only to imprt to another device uc as phone

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I just tried to export my address book with this new version of Thunderbird for Ubuntu.  Welcome to Hell.  Talk about making something cumbersome and unwanted!  Where's good old .csv?  And what about not having to export one's entire profile?  I don't want to export my whole profile!  I don't want to have to use sqlite.  I don't need it.  PLEASE take this terrible thing away and put it back the way it was or fix it so we can have simpler options..  

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Another no way to export to a new laptop, please fix this.

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