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Strollin' around
Status: Delivered

Currently on Firefox mobile, to refresh a page requires either clicking on the url and pressing enter, or on the three dots drop-down menu and clicking on the refresh page button. It would be useful to simply drag down when at the top of the page to refresh content.

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I am using ios system.
Currently in version 117.3, this error no longer exists.

Also, improvements to scaling pages were discovered in the 115.1 release notes. Not sure if this is a fixed issue in this version.

What version of firefox are you using on what device?

Strollin' around

Hi, this is now part of Firefox for Android, but you need to enable it - under "Settings" -> "Customise" -> "Pull to refresh"

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Go to Firefox settings, click on customize, enable pull to refresh

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OK, so how do I STOP this from happening? I’m trying to complete a form, and every time I scroll to the top I lose all my work. The form is being a bit difficult, so it’s really easy to do this on accident even now that I understand that it’s causing my data loss.