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When an image on a website is updated, the old image seems to be unloaded before the new image is displayed. During image streams, like the ones some older live webcams do, this results in a flickering "video", which makes it seem the stream is stuttering.

As far as I understand the process for updating image data is as follows:

image 1 rendered -> load image 2 -> unload image 1 -> render image 2 in place of image 1

instead the process should be:

image 1 rendered -> load image 2 -> render image 2 "above" image 1 -> unload image 1

this would remove flickering to black and therefore reducing the apparent "stuttering" for an image stream.

Google Chrome and Safari don't have this problem and the streams look much nicer there. I don't think this is a bug but rather an enhancement, so I'm posting this here.

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