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Status: New idea

The Problem:

It's tiring to read articles individually on mobiles or laptops. There's almost no good apps with simple reading lists and autoplay function. Google app has one, for instance, but it's not so practical and often crashes. Firefox has all the means to create the best reading list available and thus make the Firefox browser even more unique and useful.

The Solution:

  1. User browses through news articles using Firefox browser on one of his devices (laptop, mobile, tablet, ...)
  2. User sees an interesting news article (or also scientific article or the like). He or she clicks on an add-to-reading list button in the browser menu bar (similar to the add-to-pocket button), or he right clicks (or long tabs) on a link and gets the option add-to-reading list (practical and important, because this way not each news article has to be opened before it can be added to the reading list).
  3. User can access the reading list (saved for all devices if she or he is logged in with her or his Firefox account) anytime through a browser menue bar button, the browser menu or the reading mode symbol in the address field.
  4. User can start the reading of the articles in the list, set the reading speed, move articles up and down, delete articles out of the list, forward or backward to the next or previous article, etc. The reading aloud of the reading list should also work with the screen off on mobiles, so that you can listen to your collected articles for instance during jogging or cooking.

Why not simply use Pocket?

Apart from the fact that Pocket doesn't really seem like a part of Firefox, it's not thought especially as a reading list with functions around a reading list (like read all and read aloud). Pocket is usually used to bookmark different things seen on the internet (like a tv show you wanna see tonight), so you can't simply click on "read me all" within Pocket. Also Pocket isn't practical to be used on mobiles, you need a separate app (that doesn't work on many phones, while Firefox browsers works very well, also on older phones like iPhone 6).

Most importantly, though, as mentioned the reading list could be a very valuable addition to the basic function of Firefox, appreciated by many users. And as there's no good competition yet, Firefox could make use of the "first-mover-advantage" by offering such a very much needed function as the first browser worldwide.

Thanks for your consideration!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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I like the idea of automatic reading, I would have proposed it as well with the use of a speech synthesizer, it could also simply be useful to have an icon within the browser, that once clicked or tapped, depending on the device in use, this would automatically read the article or web page of interest

New member

Thanks for your support of the idea! A tip for you: the reading aloud of 1 single article is already available - at least in the desktop version of Firefox (unfortunately not even that is available on mobiles). Just click on the reading version of an article (note the symbol in the address bar) and then you'll find a play button. There's also an addon that lets you start the reading through a symbol in the browser symbol bar (I think it's from read aloud). Hope this helps!

My idea was to be able to add articles to a reading list on click (especially also in mobile browser version) and then let Firefox read the list, like a playlist of songs, for ex. while going for a run or walk.