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Status: New idea

Firefox has reading list in IOS version but not in desktop version so where the reading list goes when I sync my devices ?, please add reading list to desktop version to access offline to websites without using pocket, like chrome 😐

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Reading list and more tools.

This is simple, just copy the Chrome things. 😊

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Just switched to Firefox Developer Edition (great work!) and found out that there was no reading list that syncs, so I am back in Chrome again.

One more thing that theeds to be added that I miss in FDE, in Chrome you can get help on finding the right syntax. Like if I know there is a 'justify-items: center;' and I just can't remember the justify, i can simply type center and then get a long list of options.

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please consider making this happen, thank you!

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This should really be implemented. I just switched to Firefox from Chrome and I've been loving. The only thing that I've thought isn't great is not having a normal reading list that syncs across devices, like Chrome does. I know Pocket is the alternative, but I simply don't like it. Pleaseeeeee add this feature to Firefox, it would be so much better.

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Would love to have this feature.

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This thread has been going since 2022 and yet no reading list for FF desktop. I guess it's time to go back to Chrome which is a horrible solution.

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I was very confused to find that the reading list does not sync from ios to my other firefoxes.