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Status: New idea

Firefox has reading list in IOS version but not in desktop version so where the reading list goes when I sync my devices ?, please add reading list to desktop version to access offline to websites without using pocket, like chrome 😐

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Hi all, any updates on this? Is this a feature on the roadmap for Firefox on MacOS? @Jon 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for reaching out, @pintveld! Let me check with the team to see if there are any updates.

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Of course there are no updates! This topic has been "in discussion" for quite a long time, and all that is being done is monitoring of comments, moving them around, consolidating posts, blah blah blah. No updates provided, and therefore no consideration is being taken of user concern. I expect true world peace to happen and lipstick wearing pink pigs to fly before this request is: 1) taken seriously; 2) seriously considered; 3) put into development; and 4) released. Sorry, not sorry.

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yes, totally weird that the iOS version has this and the Desktop version not. sync it.

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yes add this feature. I was totally confused that I can bookmark stuff to read later on iOS and then finding out that my Mac version of Firefox doesn't show these to-read items.

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+1 for this addition. The Reading List is implemented terribly in Chromium and similar browsers, but Safari actually got it right!

I find a lot of useful stuff when wasting my time on the internet. I feel that a simple feature such as adding a second source of synced bookmarks wouldn't be too hard. Really, that's all a reading list is!

Better yet? Just give Firefox account users optional Pocket sync through an integrated account menu.

I made a quick mock-up of how it may look. As it turns out, I really like it!



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I find silly this is marked as "New idea" for a feature that was already there and later removed for no apparent reason. See and

This constant inconsistency between mobile and desktop experience in Firefox makes it very difficult to stick to it and the overall platform ("hey we sync everything via your Firefox account, but certain things you can only actually do on iOS and other things you can only do on desktop!)🤦‍♂️

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I love using FireFox, but I find that I keep going back to Safari on my desk top because FireFox doesn't have a reading list.

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I already returned to Safari as my main browser, I keep this for some extensions that I use occasionally. but the reading list is definitely essential for me.

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Looking forward to this!

I wonder why there is not "feature parity" between operating systems; if this feature is on iOS, why keep it there only?

Also, don't wanna use Pocket (why did mozilla buy them? seems waste of $ to me, sry)