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Making moves
Status: New idea

The "simplified" print format is hugely helpful!!! Sometimes, when used to print news reports, the report's date and time "stamp" - on the new source screen - are missing from the printed copy. For many news-dependent analysts, a news report's date/time are often very important parameters.

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Making moves

I want to make clear that almost all news reports include a date and/or a time stamp, which appears on the browser's screen, usually between the headline and the first paragraph.

However, the "simplified" print format - for some reason - does not include this date/time stamp, provided by the news agency.

That point-of-origin date/time stamp is very helpful. I do not want or need a date/time stamp provided by the browser. The reason: a user may access an archived news store, i.e., one that is days, weeks, months or even years-old.

I want and need the date/time stamp on the story, when the story was first posted by the news agency. Any other date would be worse-than-useless.