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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

It'd be helpful to have a new tab button next to the address bar on mobile for easy access.

Currently, opening a new tab requires two clicks - one to open the tab window, and another on the "+" button to open the new tab. This also requires interaction with two different parts of the screen that are far apart from each other (top right vs bottom right), which is hard to do one-handed or in a hurry, especially on larger phones.


I'm a heavy tab user, and the option to have a "+" button directly next to the address bar would make it easier to open a new tab quickly.

New member

I want that feature too.

Please add also: ctrl+tab, shift+ctrl+tab, ... and other shortcuts like in the desktop version.

New member

Please add this feature

New member

Please add the option to open new tab automatically,  like the Firefox has on windows for pc.