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Status: New idea

It'd be helpful to have a new tab button next to the address bar on mobile for easy access.

Currently, opening a new tab requires two clicks - one to open the tab window, and another on the "+" button to open the new tab. This also requires interaction with two different parts of the screen that are far apart from each other (top right vs bottom right), which is hard to do one-handed or in a hurry, especially on larger phones.


I'm a heavy tab user, and the option to have a "+" button directly next to the address bar would make it easier to open a new tab quickly.

Strollin' around

About:config is not available on the standard Android Firefox, so a regular setting would be better.

That said, if the new-tab button was behind about: config, I might well switch to Firefox Beta, just to get it.

New member

How is this not a feature already? It's crazy to me that they don't have this. Their tab management is severely lacking and makes me want to switch browsers

New member

I know bringing up other browsers isn't helpful but coming from chrome mobile, this would be very useful

New member

This would be very useful for users coming from different browsers (Chrome has this) that are used to new tab creation being a fast action.

This would also be consistent with the desktop experience which has a new tab button next to the rightmost tab. Desktop app also has a shortcut (ctrl+t) since this operation is so common.

I can easily see reusing the homepage icon for this. The homepage icon seems to be phasing out in general for browsers (I don't even see it on the desktop app for firefox).

Strollin' around

i'd love this so much PLEASE 😞 i just switched to firefox and everything's fine on desktop but this tiny detail on mobile is such a pain...

New member

Yess, this is so important for me, would save a lot of time, please just replace the home button with a new tab button that leads you to the home.

New member

Signed up just to support this.  I want to switch on mobile, but this is a huge roadblock.

New member

I also would like a new tab button and don't need the home button.

New member

Please add this, it's 2024

Strollin' around

Joined the community, just to respond to this post. Please add New tab button. Feb/2024 still nothing. Also, I have no problem if it is only added to nightly version. Its can inside customize -> Show new tab button. Just do it, maybe not as default enabled but an option to add it if user needs it.