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Status: New idea

it would be very nice for us to be able to right click on a tab and just put the tab into sleep mode.

in these days everybody uses firefox browser with several tabs kept open. and some of the websites uses intensive javascript which loads the computer even when the tab is not active (most likely poor coded websites). i know there is a feature which automatically unloads (sleeps) inactive tabs but i dont like this feature because i dont want to pages contents refreshed even after several days of unused duration. firefox is really meets this requirement for me to keep the last look of a tab, not sleeping automatically.

but if i can just right click on a tab which makes my fans spin like crazy, and put the tab to sleep status until i need it in some time later, that would be awesome for me and for all firefox users.

the "manual sleep" button can be placed just inside the group of "reload tab", "mute tab", "pin tab" buttons in the right click menu of tabs.

i'm sure everybody will like this feature and hope this will be added in near future 🙂

Status changed to: New idea
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