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Status: New idea

What do you think of the idea of ​​offering a website watch.

We open a tab, we activate the pursuit mode on an entire page, or an element that we have selected.

And we specify the parameters of this watch.
Like a page that has been modified or just an element, like a title, a price, a date, an image...

We could specify as a parameter, the level of these changes. Like the percentage change of a page, a price lower or higher than a certain amount, etc.

Then we validate this watch, after setting the frequency of checks, and the tab is hidden.

When the monitoring is positive (achieves the goal set for it, with the parameters), the tab opens again highlighting the changes made.

Who said that a browser would only be used to leaf through pages, we could natively put a little intelligence in this browser!

After all, the computer and its applications are supposed to save us time!

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