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 Provide eraser in pdf or document viewer.


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Hey @deepudaredevil

Just to clarify...are you looking for an eraser to be able to erase the annotations you add with the pdf reader itself? Or an eraser for any content of the pdf?

The first is already possible—just click on the added annotations to select them and press CANC (or right click and delete). But the second part is not possible.

Familiar face

If you're on the viewer of course you can't edit the document, you have to save it and then you can open it to edit it. When you're viewing something you're not supposed to be able to edit it.

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 New PDF editing on Firefox

New PDF editing functions on Firefox are OK , but make a mistake and it appears there's no delete or Eraser options!!

   Anyone know a way to delete or wipe out a mistake using the free draw pen, for instance?

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  Replying to my own mssg! . . Just thought of a bodge . . select a free draw pen big enough and using background colour to overwrite the mistake? . . but surely Mozilla can supply a better eraser?? 😉

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I vote for "eraser for any content of the pdf", edited using Firefox browser.

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I couldn't get FireFox to do what I wanted, but I was able to load the previously annotated PDF file into Notepad++, locate the strings I wanted to modify and change them. One thing I found was that the width of the new text was more than the original field, so I needed to enlarge that as well. The first number is the width (60.29 in the example below), and I just put a bigger number in both places it showed up.

<< /FormType 1 /Subtype /Form /Type /XObject /BBox [0 0 60.29 17.5] /Resources << /Font << /Helv 48 0 R>>>> /Length 96>> stream
0 0 60.29 17.5 re W n
1 0 0 1 0 21 Tm 0 Tc 0 g
/Helv 10 Tf
0 -13.5 Td (Sum Guy) Tj

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I use edge on a surface 2 in 1 device to edit pdfs.  edge has pen support, including eraser detection.  I am attempting to replace edge with firefox.

In order to be a competitive product for this use case, annotating pdfs in tablet mode, i would like to be able to delete annotations without keyboard access, through a visible widget or, ideally, pen eraser support, which i assume would be pretty high lift.

I see that i can long press on an annotation to access the right click menu to delete, but this is frustrating, because unless i long press very precisely, it will leave a pencil mark, so if i decide i don't want to delete, now i have a messy annotation that i don't want to delete...


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where is eraser in pdf reader firefox?? Please do add the eraser otherwise what is the use of editing feature??