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Status: New idea

I would like to ask for the option to set ProtonMail as my default email app to redirect hyperlinks on Firefox for iOS (both iPhone and iPad). Thank you.

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If I'm not mistaken, ProtonMail has more users than a number of the email providers listed under Settings > Mail App. AND it is the largest (and arguably best) of the explicitly privacy-focused email providers. Since privacy is something Mozilla really, REALLY says it cares about, this one would seem a no-brainer.

Alternative approach: Can Firefox not simply "sense" which email programs are available on a particular device and let us pick our preferred default? If this is technologically feasible (you never know with iOS APIs), this would seem a much more sensible and straightforward approach -- one that wouldn't seem to be picking eight particular (and kind of odd) favorities.

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I agree, I think the company values of Protonmail and Firefox align nicely.

Making moves

Apparently, next release will include it: