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Making moves
Status: New idea

Have the search function search for bookmarks and folders at the same time.

People that have a lot of bookmarks can more completely search if the folders are shown as well.

I have 3006 bookmarks and it is untenable.

It has been that way since it got over a few hundred bookmarks.

I know that I can download as a file and search that, but it should not be necessary.

This should be a simple fix and a massive fix.

Thanks for your consideration.


Familiar face

I'd put the idea summary in the title. People search ideas by titles, not by meaning hidden between the lines. You're risking your idea to not be found by putting a vague sentence in the title, even though the idea is worth noticing.

Btw, have you tried adding tags to bookmarks? Address bar searches bookmarks by tags too

Making moves

agree - one must be able to search for bookmark folders too.


(@Zorg please do change the title...)