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Making moves
Status: New idea

As per this thread:

Some sites (don't have any handy right now) detect and "sabotage" your browsing if you open dev tools. For example, they'll go into a debugger mode or become unusuable, telling you to close dev tools to continue.

The thread has some ideas about detection/prevention, tbh I'm not sure if this idea is possible but it would be useful.

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Making moves



^ an example of a site that blocks you if you open dev tools. Link available on request (it's a dodgy streaming site with heaps of ads 😁)


Thank you for the link! We are actively looking into this (and fixed several things in the past).

Making moves

netmattersdotcome also detects/blocks FFv114 dev tools console.

New member

This is still a problem.

For my example the site is (or new site they moved to)

When the developer tools are opened on some pages it spams "debugger" statements and (if you turn those off) redirects you to another page.

The other page blacks out the screen and tries to DOS the user with console.table() statements to lag out the browser.

If the console object is undefined or null then u can browse as normal but are unable to use the tools as intended. This also applies to the browser console if it's in multiple (whatever) mode rather than watching the parent process only.