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New member
Status: New idea

With the last update, message threads got introduced. 

I can turn them off per folder, but I would like to turn the option off in its entirety. No message threads.

There is no option for that right now. Could you please add one? More users are struggling with this. 

Kind regards!

New member

Threading turned my Thunderbird into a disaster.
Many e-mails seemed lost
To use "View - Sort by - Unthreaded" is nog a solution for the hundreds of folders.
Please give us a way to unthread all folders

Making moves

Why some folders are threaded and some unthreaded?  I hate this function.

New member

100% agree, a global threads on/off switch would be great please

New member

Threading as a default if a nightmare.  And unthreading, even a single folder, doesn't work for me.  Somebody had a really bad idea.

New member

I agree - this change was a nightmare. It took me over an hour to get back to having my emails as in the previous version.

New member

Please give us a way to opt out of ALL threading in one stroke.

New member

It is now nine months since I started this "thread", no pun intended.  Does anyone care that we need a way to opt out of threading view default.  Thunderbird is less and less user friendly these days.


New member

Eliminate Threads

I find that threads are the most annoying feature I have ever encountered. I have tried to eliminate them without success.

I want to be able to click on Date and see the most recent emails. With "threads", I cannot do that. Most recent emails are embedded somewhere below in a complex pattern of threaded, interconnected emails. I don't want that. I want to go back to simply having my most recent emails sorted by date and readily visible.

Please allow users to use threads or not use them. It is ridiculous. I will have to move to another email provider if Thunderbird doesn't change this or to allow users to easily eliminate threads.

Making moves

is there really NOTHING that can be done to get rid of this appalling "threads" function..? IF I WANT EMAILS IN DATE ORDER, I EXPECT THEM IN DATE ORDER - NOT ALL MUSHED UP IN "THREADS"...

I this unreasonable..?


Bob Bunker

New member

I find threads confusing. Can they be switched off?