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Please, please allow us to place the tabs at the bottom

Making moves

Since this seems to be a newer thread I simply agree with @atomicblb 

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Restore tabs on bottom as an option

Many users want to place tabs on the bottom, but Mozilla removed this option years ago, and continues to break the workarounds that users have made. People who used to be able to check a box in the settings now have to search the web for third-party CSS mods, struggle with confusing and opaque program files, and paste in code that we don't understand. If we can even manage to get it to work, you can be sure Mozilla will push out an update that breaks it again. That means we have to avoid ever updating the browser, which becomes a security and stability issue. I switched to Firefox because it used to allow me to configure it in a way that's comfortable for me, but now the devs actively squash any customization.

Look. I will pay money for the tabs on bottom option to be restored as a stock option. Reach out to me with a number. I don't care if you put it in about:config, I'm just exhausted of trying to wrestle with CSS. I'm not a programmer, I just want the tabs on the bottom. If hobbyists on Reddit can write the code in their free time, I don't believe for a second that you cannot do it on the clock. Send me a number.

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@Agentvirtuel that's not the point we know this code out there but there used to be a setting that would allow the user just to go in and take a box in the settings and do it we shouldn't have to search down new code every time Firefox updates they need to just bring that setting back where it will allow people to add the tabs on the bottom without having to mess with code we all know that's possible if it's used to be in the settings so we didn't have to mess with the code

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