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Please, please allow us to place the tabs at the bottom

Making moves

IMHO the perfect layout is (vertically speaking):


Title bar (let the OS draw this e.g. obeying users ability to choose Windows accent colour)

Menu bar (except on Mac where menu bars live at the top of the screen)

Navigation bar (with dedicated search box by default, and no hamburger menu - traditional menus are a more efficient use of space)

Bookmarks bar (user selectable, maybe have option to show only when user has added bookmarks to it)

Tab bar (looking like tabs, not buttons, clear dividers between inactive tabs so they don't look like "one thing")

Content area (let OS draw scroll bar elements or at least use OS supplied UI elements)


I switch between tabs A LOT, much more than using any other UI element, and my mouse pointer is often within the content area so having tabs at the "bottom of the toolbar stack" (as they were when they first appeared) would be a huge benefit for usability.

Making moves

Every update Mozilla likes to break the custom css I had to put tabs back on the bottom. I've gotten so annoyed I stopped updating my firefox.

Making moves


i too want the tabs on the bottom of the screen, just above the taskbar.

there used to be an addon"Tabmix Plus" that could do that as well as other changes.

i am running ff 94.0 and have disabled updates and update notifications because i am afraid they would

break my userchrome script that put the tabs on the bottom.


tabs on the bottom is intuitively a better location than the top of the screen.

wish there was an addon that could do that for ff 99+

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Please make tabs on bottom the default. Or at least make it an option in the settings menu


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Search bar and tabs on the bottom of the firefox windows

In a similar way to what happens to the Firefox android version, it suggest to implement the possibility to put the serch bar and the tags too at the bottom of the program window (just on top of the applications bar).

You may say that three bars one on top of the other could be too much. But many users, me included, use the application bar on the left, on the right or on top too! And now in Windows is just as easy as a click with the mouse to move the application bar.

Putting the search bar and tabs on the bottom of the firefox windows, leaving the top of the windows free at the edge of the screen, is particularly useful on laptops, where the screen, due to the nature of the device, is too low and cannot be adjusted (as it happens in a desktop configuration instead). Eyes and neck will naturally rise and get a better ergonomic position.

It would be one of the most important steps forward for mozilla Firefox towards the ergonomics, a field that is way way underestimated by most of the competitors.

It also would be a common feature that will distinguish both the android and the Windows version of the browser.

You won't regret it. Thank you for your attention.

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I cant stand developers incoherent layouts for browsers. Like when i use Soul Browser on Android i have my tabs and search bar at the bottom of my screen. You know why? Because in the world of UX, common sense and convenience for the end user WHO in their left mind would put tabs/search/apps on top of the screen? My fingers are on the bottom of my phone as I hold it. I dont have E.T. fingers for cripes sake. Also with a PC having the whole enchilada on the bottom of my screen ALL my buttons, apps search etc are all bundled near each other, instead of moving my mose a thousand times a day from the top of the page to the bottom back to the top and on and on and on. SO PLEASE with a turkey on top allow us to PUT the whole address/search and tab bar on the bottom of my screen. The only Browser I know that does that is Vivaldi Browser, which is a great browser but its appearance factor is its biggest plus. I dont want to use that browser nor any other but this is the LAST negative for me in your browser design. Thanks

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Please, please allow us to place the tabs at the bottom

On mobile app

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Remember when Firefox was known for its customizability? What happened to that? It is absolutely appalling that Mozilla now expects the end user to have advanced technical knowledge and time to waste on fixing the ever-breaking CSS file just to do something as simple as moving the tab bar down a few rows. This used to be a radio button in the options menu! Why has every major (and now minor) update made this progressively more difficult to do? 

I don't know why Mozilla has such a vendetta against people who like having their tabs in a sensible location but I'm turning off updates until they get over it. 

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tab bar at bottom (like safari has on ipad) would make firefox a top contender for my browser

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The famous tabs on bottom. I've been using it from the beginnings with the help of css, but once again it's broken. I can see that creating a modern design with this layout is challenging, but they are not trying at all. I have several minor issues with the browser, but this one tops that list by a mile.

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i am running FF 107.0, added userchrome script to put the tabs on the bottom.

i also disabled ff updates AND disabled update notifications that would otherwise nag me every time

ff ran, all because of the possibility of breaking the script of putting the tabs on bottom. 


hoping that TabMixPlus addon would be offered again for the latest FF desktop browser, such addon included the option of tab location.

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feature request nag: provide the option to locate the tabs at the bottom of the screen

this feature has already been requested over a year ago. nevertheless, i am seconding the motion AGAIN.

i have disabled ff updates and update notifications while running ff 107.0 with a userchrome script that puts the tabs on the bottom of the why am i still nagging?

eventually ff 107.0 will no longer support various addons and updating the browser will break the aforementioned script.

there used to be an addon called "tabmixplus" that allowed one to tweak/customize all things tab wise in ff, however, it is not compatible with the latest FF software engine. would like to have it back.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Agreed mine just broke again last night and it's so annoying. The way I had it yesterday was

Menu Bar
Search/URL Bar (With add on buttons)
Bookmarks Bar

All in the header and now the tabs are again under the menu bar rather then book marks bar. Get sick and tired of having to waste my time every few months trying to find a new CSS code to move the tabs back down where I want them. Hate having to hunt between lines for the tab I want!

We use to have the option to move tabs on bottom and that needs to seriously be brought back again!