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I use firefox for many websites having to do with finances, and all of them insist on two factor authorization anytime I log in from a different device or browser. That's good for security, but when the browser updates, even by a minor version, this triggers the need for extra login security on most of those websites. It's expected, but when the browser offers to update multiple times/week, it gets sufficiently annoying that I end up dismissing the frequent update reminders.  May I suggest you have a tiered level of updates? Maybe a setting that would allow me to only see reminders for major updates, like security fixes or major feature additions. Thanks for considering, and by the way thanks for making it easier to offer a suggestion!

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Quitting rapid release of Firefox

Recent Firefox releases have seen new features unpopular with users and some bugs. Because of this, I feel that Rapid Release is not suitable for the current development of Firefox.

Therefore, I propose that major releases be made once a year and integrated with ESR. I believe this will allow for sufficient beta testing and improve quality of the product.

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Additional suggestion...

Save up the minor updates until you can add them to a major one or until you have enough of them to make it significant. Let's try to keep it down to one every couple of weeks.  It's really becoming quite a pain.

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Just a thought! With every patch or update a new issue is always created and will never fix major points for vulnerabilities or solve the problem which is rushing to fix things, Band-Aid instead of a tourniquet I understand trying to protect users you are being responsible and taking accountability and thanks for that, but no matter what you do until a user takes full accountability for their own actions sadly you will always have to be updating. A better way is stop rushing updates, and feature without first checking what issues and vulnerabilities it'll create. users are important and we need to hold ourselves accountable for our own stupid mistakes and bad judgements if we mess up we will have to deal with it, a stable and reliable product is better. Just a thought!

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it is botherig and molesting that firefox and/or thunderbird forces themself to update. it is not only the permant the updating-advice. If i reject to update this programs they make my machine slowly, force down my system, disconnect from the internet so i MUST make the update, rebooting the whole machine and so on. what **bleep** is it?

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The frequency of updates is not just annoying, it is also causing problems.

I have had to revert back to version 96 and it works perfectly

The latest updates have been a real problem. THe Video Download Helper either does not work or downloads only a small part of a file with the latest updates. Firefox no longer accepts the VDH activation code with the latest updates.

With version 96, the VDH takes the code and works perfectly on any and all sites so far.

Unfortunately, every time I turn Firefox on, up pops a reminder to update.

Please get rid of it as it is only of nuisance value. If I needed to update, I would do so in the settings. PLease include a buttun to never to update or dismiss until required.

With this annoying popup, all I have to do is click on the wrong part & then go through the process of having to set everything up again. \

Shouldn't be too difficult for people who created Firefox in the first place.

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Tối ngày cập nhật hoài, phiền chết được, nên gom lại lâu lâu cập nhật một lần thôi, cứ 1, 2 ngày là cập nhật, người dùng cảm thấy bực bội quá. Nếu tình hình không cải thiện thôi tôi chia tay.

Update every night, it's annoying, so it's time to update once every 1-2 days, users feel so frustrated. If the situation doesn't improve, I'll break up.

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stop updating firefox every other day

How about it? it's annoying, I remember when Firefox was good. It's bloated now, has about 100 processes running in the background. If it's not broken don't fix it.

Strollin' around

Absolutely agree.
Firefox updates are so frequently that it is a bit disturbing, I finally stopped all my work, and checked what the frequency of update notifications of Firefox is. Here are the results;
13May 10:17 Update notification - dismissed
13May 22:39 Update notification for the same version - dismissed
14May 10:48 Update notification for the same version - dismissed
It is all about update from 113.0 to 113.0.1
It means Firefox forces you again to update in 12h averagely, 2 times a day, even if you prefer to dismiss.
Actually, dismiss means that 'dismiss this version', but it functions as 'remind me 12h later'. Actually, this is a functionality bug, or false statement.

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Once again I see a new version of Firefox!  No 113 !!!

It seems I am spending MORE TIME updating Firefox than ACTUALLY using it.

Please SLOW down with these endless new versions!

Making moves

Are the developers taking ANY notice of these comments because I'm seriously thinking of switching to a different browser because of the intrusive nature and frequency of these updates and the impact on my ability to perform simple tasks.

Please knock it off!