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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

New UI features should if possible (and this is often possible) be implemented as extensions or pseudo extensions which are enabled by default but can be disabled by users even if it is really just a proxy for a hidden about:config setting. You can use stats from these extensions to decide if a change is a failure although the power of you setting defaults will create significant bias.

Please do not disrespect users by FORCING changes upon them without providing a way to easily revert your changes.

The new extensions menu is not useful in it's current form. The old overflow menu was; I do not see the functionality I had in the old menu anywhere either...


Most people probably will need this button from time to time, but many would prefer to be able to move it somewhere else for that occasional use. There is a thread over on the Ideas side of the site you can vote for, as well as add further information on why this is would be an important feature:

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Adding my voice to the throng. Terrible UX decision made here. Revert ASAP.

Familiar face

Thanks for pointing it out, I was going to create a post about it, nice that someone could speak about this new irremovable Extensions button. I hope it will become movable and hidable, I want it off of my sight, most of the users don't need to check extensions' status (at least not so often to need a button always ready to use fast) so that button there becomes useless for them.

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I don't understand why this UI element is dictated to us. Very Bad Decision.

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Seriously, let us get rid of this. I beg you


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But most people used it just fine without it randomly being forced into the toolbar. I've had my password manager in that spot for years. I have repeatedly been taken to a completely different page many times now.

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Coming back to say that I have yet again clicked on the wrong icon because this worthless button has pushed my other buttons out of position.

New member

I'm a very direct person and I always try to be very direct, so here's my take on the situation. Also, as a developer, I don’t understand why you removed the ability to remove this annoying button. Maintain one button code, even my little brother can do it without programming knowledge. What nonsense, even write in some topic. It's much easier for me to install Chrome than to deal with the next unpleasant changes. I installed Firefox for only 1 reason, the ability to configure the panel. Now I can't configure the most annoying part of it. Seriously, have you seen how the Intellij Idea is developed and why is it so popular? This is an IDE, a program for developing programs, it allows you to do absolutely everything, you can even remove all the buttons (ideal!). Tab navigation can be done by hotkeys, including closed tabs (crazy! very very cool feature). It's 2023 now, and you still can't set up hotkeys in the browser. Ctrl + W highlight a piece of code in Idea, and close the tab in Firefox. And instead of importing new features for convenience and thereby increasing the number of users, attracting them with convenience. On the contrary, you are making a non-removable non-configurable button, even about:config does not help to remove it. I've been coding for a very long time, I've seen all sorts of code, I've even coded for IBM Commerce, their IBM Solr, DB2 and stuff, and it's been hell. But when I talked to the developers about how the code could be made better and suggested how, I said what it would bring and how important it was for other people. They understood and did as I asked in turn, and I listened to them. Many solutions helped to reduce the number of errors in the code, increase the coverage of tests, rebuild the application architecture. (I even recently finished my diploma on a modern programming language) And here you have a topic for 10+ pages about some kind of * button, and everyone already understands that the button needs the old feature of hiding it at least in the settings bar. And you still haven't made a decision. I just went to my colleague who has been coding C for 20 years and asked his opinion on this. He said that it was nonsense to discuss what feature with the button, which most advanced browsers already have. If you don't return the button, I'll make a firefox autobuild repository with the **bleep** feature back. (this is to do a maximum of an hour of time, you can try to justify that this is difficult. But I know what the real problem is. You work remotely and that is why you have the opportunity to be lazy, how much real time do you work on a project per day? Are you too lazy to return this feature, it’s only for an hour, but you’re too lazy, because it’s much easier to make hired moderators take the rap than you, right, Mr. Developer? )

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this button should act like every other button save for the menu button (which i understand why it is not removable).

however, this is especially a nuisance for me because... I DONT USE EXTENSIONS. i have never used extensions, and quite frankly i dont ever foresee myself using an extension. so having a button on my ui which does nothing, and i cannot remove is an anathema to me.

at a bare minimum, if you have no extensions, this button should not appear.