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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

After long time of this idea's appearance and development. Well, Although I still use Firefox, but much less (for privacy, brave is an alternative despite its own bloat wallet functionality). I would like to say, Opera gave up its Presto and falls, Firefox have lost its place once (The drop of support for classic XUL extensions). But now, the situation is, different chromium-based browsers still thrive in different aspects, I do not see any solid progresses of Firefox towards a better browser, only occasional complaints (not exact quotes) "Windows does not make it easy to set Firefox the default browser of Windows".

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Agree. This is an under-the-hood function so let us put it under the hood. Don't be like Apple with a "you'll take whatever we decide to give you and you'll like it" attitude.

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Yes! It's unbearable!

Making moves

@greenertarianNot just Apple.  Microsoft, Google, and even the GNOME Project have the same hostile attitude.  We don't want it from Mozilla/Firefox (well, granted we don't *want* it from any of them, but especially not an open-source project).

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Hiding the add-ons button on the toolbar

It would be nice to add the ability to hide the add-ons button on the toolbar. In a situation where you do not use add-ons, or you have all add-ons pinned to the toolbar, the add-ons button is unnecessary and takes up space.

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I also agree. Mine has a little blue dot on all pages due to how one extension works, and it's so annoying. When a notification dot is always there, it's never there. But it is annoying to see, so I'd like to hide the extensions button. (I could also pin that one extension to taskbar to move the notification dot to it, but that's besides the point)


Hello Everyone.

Just wanted to pop a quick note here to thank you all for your feedback and let you know that we are investigating what options may be possible here.

More clarity as I receive it.

Thank you.

Ed Sullivan

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It's nice to see that this idea is taken into account!

I'm waiting for this button to be moved out of the toolbar since end of 2022.

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Thanks for the feedback on the feedback, Ed.

The ability to hide it is all that is requested. Those who want it can have it, those who don't can hide it.

You might get some churn from Chrome users who hate having it visible...

Making moves

Actually, I'd like to see the Overflow Menu's old functionality restored (the ability to add/move 3rd-party extension icons to it).  Hiding the Extensions menu doesn't fix that.  And I think if the project tried to reconfigure and add customizability to the Extensions Menu would basically re-implement what was already there.

My problem with the Extensions Menu/icon wasn't so much that it's there (although hiding it or, better yet, moving it to the Overflow Menu would be good) but that it it's a poor substitute for what was working perfectly fine in the Overflow menu.