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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Making moves

Relocating (or even hiding the Extensions Icon) still doesn't fix the BROKEN Overflow Menu.


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Yes I'm spoiled in that I only cared about the fact that they made a UI element I didn't use mandatory, rather than how the overflow menu worked.  But whether it be in the overflow/removed/something else, I've still never found anyone making a rational case about why the icon has to sit there while no plugin is active or in a state that needs to be communicated vitally to the user, in all the marketing about the change.  Much less anyone addressing the challenges being put about holes in the case for making it mandatory.  Its a fine place for the default fresh install, familiar to users of other browsers etc, but let it be removed please?  It's not doing anything in my setup other than taking up space 99.9999 percent of the time, and if there's an emergency then show it at that time and not before?  I've found my way to live with it by sticking it over by the UI back/forwards buttons that i use only slightly more frequently, but that doesn't mean it's fixed, at all.

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Firefox developers: Please enable

  1. Moving the Extensions button to the overflow menu. (Reasons detailed below.)
  2. Moving extension icons to the overflow menu. (These icons would otherwise show in the toolbar).
  3. Overflow of toolbar items onto the overflow menu when the browser window is too narrow to display them. (Isn't that what the overflow menu was for?)

Users: I moved my favorite extension icons back onto the toolbar. Here's how:

  1. Click the Extensions button.
  2. In the resulting dropdown list, click the gear item next to the item you want visible on the toolbar.
  3. In the resulting dropdown menu, select "Pin to Toolbar".
  4. To reorder the extension items on the toolbar, click >>, then Customize Toolbar, then drag items where you want them. (Sadly, they can't go into the overflow menu.)

Developers: I want to hide the Extensions button because of its poor UI:

  • It hides status of extensions. I need to SEE status of certain extensions.
  • Extensions require extra clicks to use. The 16 clicks that temporarily turn off my 4 ad blockers, then turn them on again, became 32 clicks. Ugh.
  • The interface for reordering the menu items is poor. Moving an item requires clicking the item's gear icon, then clicking Move Up or Move Down in the resulting menu, then clicking AGAIN for each further step up or down. As contrasted with clicking >>, then Customize Toolbar, then dragging and dropping items where I want them.
  • Poor UI makes Extensions button unsuitable for frequently-used extensions. At which point the button is best hidden in the overflow menu.

Developers, thanks for your other excellent work on Firefox, which I've used for decades. Much appreciated.

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I'll give firefox one last update to allow users to move it off toolbar or hide it again. I will uninstal firefox browser from all my devices if they don't correct this on the next update. If they ever needlessly force anything onme again... I'm gone immediately next time. Such a waste of my time. So infuriating!

Making moves

It seems they dont even read a thing, this post was from Januari 2023

i also hate the fact the buttons are below, its confusing, everytime i want to do sometime my mind is looking on top.

Making moves

Oh, they read it, they just don't give a c(ar)p.  I really REALLY think Mozilla must have been taken over by the GNOME Project, they're exhibiting the very same sort of user-hostility.

Familiar face

@SenileOtaku lol I totally agree with you on that one.

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Please let us move the jigsaw puzzle piece icon off the toolbar. I have no extensions that need managing. Fine for it to be there by default, but why no option for users who don't need it to save the screen space?

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I'd prefer to hide this as well. But I'm not about to quit using firefox because of it 🙂


Making moves

If the toolbar Extensions Icon is empty, it should disappear (hide itself).

That's just common sense!