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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

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This is the threads with the most comments and likes. The fact Mozilla continues to ignore the wishes of the userbase is shameful and shows how much they really care for the users.


At ‎04-12-2023 03:56 AM, ninryu wrote:

Apparently the button will be movable in the next update, does that mean we can finally move it to the overflow menu, or only on the toolbar?

In Firefox 113, the Extensions button can be moved within the bar, similar to the non-removable Back/Forward buttons.

It's a start...

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But barely. It'll still be there and basically useless so this would be more of a tease than a solution. Any news on returning the overflow?

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But barely. It'll still be there being useless. This sounds more like a tease than a solution. Any news on restoring the overflow?

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Strollin' around

Why does the Firefox team wait over 4 major versions to address this? I don't think the  Firefox team should afford ignoring the community, given the current market situation...

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I have liked almost all of the changes that Firefox has made over the years, but making the overflow menu useless and forcing all extensions into a new menu without the ability to control what is displayed is the weirdest leap backwards in UX I have seen in FF in a long time. While it isn't "literally unusable" for me, it's such a mind boggling change that it certainly gives me pause.

Why was this released in this state? It is an obvious regression in functionality and frankly I just thought FF was bugged. Now isn't a great time to be breaking UX. Please fix or revert.


Also some good ideas here:

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@guvo, well if they really cared, they would've done a proper UX and opinion research instead of just pushing stuff with minimal changes from prototype because it worked fine in typical Chromium browsers' UI. And this is true for the majority of last controversial updates, honestly.

Still, good they at least added an option to move the button around.

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It'd be nice to move it into the overflow menu too.

Making moves

From my viewpoint it isn't so much that there's some stray & unwanted icon on the toolbar (it's an irritation, but one that CAN be fixed with CSS code).  My problem is the intentional breakage of the Overflow Menu.  Sort of doing all the above CSS hackery and THEN finding a (currently nonexistent) extension to bring back the Overflow Menu, my option has been to use Waterfox instead of Firefox, and then pin FF to v108.x.

If they really *must* have it there, then restore the functionality of the Overflow Menu, and have the Puzzling Extensions Icon relocate to the Overflow Menu as soon as you start adding items to that. (well, another option is to just always put it there).

FF has periodically broken some bit of the UI, such as it's handling of scrollbars.  I want my scrollbars to ALWAYS have the up & down arrows, and as soon as a page requires scrolling, the scrollbars should always remain visible (no auto-hiding).  It's never been quite clear which subset of GTK2/3/4 FF is using, and at which versions that may have changed, or even IF it's dependent entirely on GTK at all.

Now, I am well aware that these sort of UI elements are also affected by what the GNOME Project has decided to (accidentally or on purpose) *break* in GTK (would like to see Cinnamon Desktop & other GTK-based projects migrate to CTK instead, but that's a topic for some other site).