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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

New member

Confirming my support for the ability to move or remove the extensions button from the toolbar. Didn't ask to see it and don't want to.

New member

It seems Firefox either isn't listening or doesn't care.

Either way, the best way to get rid of it to use the css file method. Easy to do and it works.

See the link below for instructions. Hopefully they'll let me post the link. If not just search for a page titled

"Disable or Remove “Extensions” Button from Firefox Toolbar [UPDATED]"


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This button is REALLY hindering my ability to customize this browser to its' fullest. I'm trying to replicate a hybrid FF18/FF48 look, with the square tabs and stuff, but I can't get the menubar to be accurate because of the freaking extensions button. Please let us move this freaking button into the overflow menu or SOMETHING. I've been using Firefox for like 8 years and I've always had full control over the look and feel of my browser. If they keep pulling this crap I'm switching to something different.

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Please don't force user to use button your way, let me get rid of this button and have clean ui

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If this removable Extensions button is in place in after next update, then goodbye Firefox.

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I updated to 111, raged, downgraded to 110.1, and then locked out future updates with policies.json. Bye bye pointless button, bye bye firefox updates.







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If firefox just want be yet another chrome copy with simply more privacy. Why not just using full open source version Chromium ? there are planty of them in the market.

I don't care about "poweruser hack" , What i like is the advance user firendly;


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I have given up on Mozilla being reasonable. They are certainly no longer being the champions of freedom and privacy they once claimed to be. I have resorted to the CSS alteration for now to remove the extension icon. Mozilla seems to want to destroy its most loyal user base.
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Some genius one decided the annoying button is ok for everyone and hiding this trash is forbidden.

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Why do we need a giant permanent placeholder button?  If a user has put their extension buttons on the toolbar so they can see their statuses etc what's the point of the giant puzzle piece place holder.  If there's future interaction planned that requires it to be at the front then force it to the front on those occasions, not a pointless permanent shortcut to the add-on menu that people may not need or want.

Was not aware of this design decision or the wider strategy and have still not heard any reason this has to be so poorly designed and so forced.  If it's possible to remove but only in progressively more cludgy and unworkable ways, this is not the way to a good application?  Please reconsider the mandatory elements of this new UI idea, I prefer this for new installation default but it doesn't work for everyone and there appears to be very little practical need for the compulsion.

Thanks for your help.


Kind regards,