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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

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v111, the icon cannot be removed by any means, config flag doesn't work anymore. personally unsupportive of such change, please rollback.

Strollin' around

And now we cannot revert it back with advanced settings. This really shows how mozilla treats its users.

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@FireFox. Users want the unified extensions button removable.

Do the right thing and fix this.

V110 it was possible. V111 it is not but should be.

Making moves

Why, just why?

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Really, guys! Let users decide whether they want to have this button or not. This is ridiculous. Stop being like MS

Making moves

FireFox community managers who read this.

Please gather the users voice and bring it to the apropriate people so that they know that by doing things like this they are actively pushing users away from Firefox.

There are other browsers out there based on Firefox, or the chromium core for us not wanting to use Chrome, that we will finally switch to.

We, the ones that bother writing here and woting, are often the ones that get to answer computer questions in our circle of friends and family.
By doing, in my opinion, stupid things like this you are creating negativity and also not promoting for us to recommend Firefox to anyone else we know.

I mean if Firefox is becoming a locked down browser that forces things on the user, then my friends can use Chrome which is faster and better supported by many sites - what is there left for us to chose FireFox?

Strollin' around

It was bad enough that you had to change about:config settings to fix this issue.  Now this option will no longer work.  Its pretty obvious people do not want this extension button.  Why is the Firefox team so invested in this button?

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i like the thought behind a unified button, but the user should have the power to hide it when they don't need or want it, i am facing a different issue with it though.

i have two extensions, both are pinned to the toolbar and because i can not hide it anymore, i keep clicking on it(where the other addon was normally).

This wouldn't be that much of an issue, if it wouldn't open up a new tab with the about:addon page but rather just open the popup it normally would, when it has something in it ...

i get why you would want it that way(new user adding addons), but from a continuity point of view it makes no sense ( atleast for someone who only has 2 fixed addons in the toolbar and doesn't need it)

so i would like an option to either hide/move it, or at least have an option to make the left click when it's empty just open up the popupwindow

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Probably a repeat*

Why is the "Extensions" button trying to replicate 90% of the "Manage Extensions" page while losing the decluttering and usability of the overflow menu?

Concerns about security and privacy?
Well then put extensions in an overflow menu by default.

-> If you force users to always see all extensions, the clutter causes perception blindness.

I personally:
--> won't see new unexpected extensions
--> have trouble finding what I want
--> get overloaded and have stopped using the positive habits I trained with the overflow menu
--> no longer have an in-between state between the pinned icons and opening the manage extensions page.
--> have unusable dead space on the toolbar between the hamburger menu and extensions, decorated with an puzzle piece icon


* But I can't find an easy way to search within comments here. 14 pages is a bit much to manually flip through. Unwanted pagination is such an awful thing for user experience. It feels like the web as an extractive corporate race to the bottom as far as server resources go. Gross.

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Plesae don't make me put you into the "we know best we don't care what you think" basket. I've been using Firefox for years, run an IT business and default it to all my customers, but a little thing like this is going to make me consider using Edge. I have customers who have custom browser configs that limit what users can do, and this is a security hole that they can use to get around, because it can't be disabled.

Please let us remove the extension icon from the toolbar.

Strollin' around

Let us remove and customize what we want. -10/10 how do i rollback this update

Strollin' around

I agree.  Things like the "extensions" icons should NEVER be added to the menu bar without giving the user the ability to remove it.

Firefox is once again losing its user-friendliness because of the developers forcing decisions on the users.  I have complained about this before and all that happens is that I am chastised for complaining.

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I like this improvement! Firefox, just do it!

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Please, stop breaking the UI on each update. Take a break on UI changes.

In 109, the icon could be removed with extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled, in 111, this config does not work anymore.

Strollin' around

Its a small thing but has a big impact. I chose to  hide it under about:config previously  because i didn't like the way it looked and now its forced. We please need an option to hide this is we so choose