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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

@Yodel5447Can you please add a screenshot of the issue you have in the menu bar? Not every single FF user uses updated versions.

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I understand that you have the simple user in mind in here.
I understand that the icon was made static as a workaround to prevent some extensions breaking.  

But you could at least leave extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled under about:config 

If a user is advanced enough to play with about:config and has gone through the warning that it can break things, then that user is aware and okay with some extensions acting weird. 
Now, those extensions should not break in the first place as to require a static icon, but until that is fixed, please allow us to disable it via about:config It is super easy to implement for it was working just a release ago.


Thank you!

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I do not consider this to be an essential feature, but it is appreciated.

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There is a Reason its (not movable at the moment) as it serves the same function as the Overflow Icon for menu items as the Add-On Folder Icon serves as a quick access and overflow for the installed Add-Ons.

But it should hide when they're no plugins installed or active  at all

This Problem of the existence of the Add-on menu icon lead to another idea for de-cluttering UI: Hide things into a second level GROUPED submenu, preferable to be individualize and sorted by the user

...what bring us to the topic of the idea of Add-On Folders:
Add-on and Extension Folders - Mozilla Connect


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One of the many reasons I prefer using Firefox over other browsers is its flexible configuration options. I cannot fathom that the clever Mozilla developers and engineers are unable to devise a means of hiding this icon without breaking the browser's ability to handle some extensions.

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What were FireFox thinking. Sure, add new things there by default so people see them. But EVERY OTHER BUTTON is customizable by the user.

This is what makes FireFox DIFFERENT to other browsers... or, at least it did :*(

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Remember old FireFox where you could drag and drop just about every part of the GUI to your liking? 🙂

Was it restricted because many people don't take advantage of customization features? Because that will always hold true no matter the feature-set and it should not, in my opinion, limit the power-user potential of a software. For instance, most people also don't use keyboard shortcuts because it seems like something that takes more energy, when as a matter of it saves a lot of energy and increase productivity.

Anyway, power-user features are important and they matter. 🙂

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I don't see any reason why extensions couldn't be inside the hamburger menu, at least optionally.

If there's any doubt at all, let the user decide.

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I also hope it will be movable to the overflow menu, or even better that the two menus are merged.

Also, when you don't have extensions or if all extensions are present on the toolbar, it serves no purpose currently. In those cases why even show it at all? I understand that permissions for extensions need a place in the future, but at present this is not the case.

The extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled = false option no longer works either.

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I was a new Firefox user for a while, than this shows up. I'll be back when you can remove it (don't know how or if I can track that but that's a different problem 😛

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Another forced down our throat unwanted UI update. On their mission to be a Chrome copy, they have picked up the google mentality if "we know better than you, just accept it".

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So... you ask us to give you our opnion here, we do it... and for what? So you can do right the opposite we ask?

v111, now the button can't be hidden nor disabled by any means.

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Why is this button not hidden it should be easy to hide

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I Thinck th icon in question should be able to be removed