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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

I am glad to see others annoyed by this change. I dropped Google Chrome because of the intrusive UI updates and lack of customization. If Firefox is going down this road, I am going to start looking for a way off. Tired of companies thinking they know what I want and seeming to have zero interest in what their users say. 

Seems silly that I have to beg for this, but PLEASE just give us the option to remove what we want from the browser.

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Hoping to see Mozilla listen to this feedback. Those people with small screen laptops like me especially need at little clutter as possible.

Strollin' around

Personally, this just seems to duplicate a section of about:addons, something I look at about 3 times a year. Not sure why something so infrequently used needs to take space in the toolbar.

The only new use seems to be when permissions need to granted on a given page, but this can easily be done with a popup or displaying the icon only when permissions are needed (and also is never needed with any extensions I have installed currently).

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Actually I don't want to move that button anywhere. I want it to go away and have selected(!) extensions back in the overflow menu as before. Version 109 made everything worse. Now my overflow menu only has a single item, that is "website screenshot", and there's an extra menu that contains all extensions, even those I don't need to see and that have no configuration, and the items take much more space. This new menu is so useless. Let me turn it back to the v108 behaviour. It was good already, you really didn't have to change it!

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I prefer to utilize the menu/settings from the menu to maintain a minimalist bar; NOTHING should be mandatory at this point in our GUI!

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I just spent 2 hours downgrading to version 108 because of this issue and then trying to get my profiles to work again with version 108. Extremely frustrating.

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> No, it is currently not possible to remove this button or change its location. This is by design. The extensions toolbar button is now the primary user interface and allows access to per-site permissions for MV3 extensions.

I have no need to grant any of my extensions per-site permissions, nor do I wish to do so. For the once a year  or once every two year occasion, I can simply do that in the existing extensions menu (about:addons). I would rather have the screen real estate and the ability to ignore any and all permission requests.

It is also not optimal that I need an FAQ to figure out why a piece of UI exists and why I can not customize it in the way I am used to customize every other piece of the firefox UI.

Strollin' around

Why do we have 2 buttons (Overflow menu and Extensions menu) for the same thing? I have 23 extensions, and a few of them which I need to occasionally use its UI (like Wayback Machine and Pinboard) were on the Overflow menu and sorted from most frequently used to least. Most of the addons (like Auto Tab Discard, Enhancer for Youtube) I never need to use their UI, so I only managed them via Manage Your Extensions page.

Now all of them are cluttering my the Extensions menu, and it takes some time to find the one I want. This doesn't make sense, I want to hide most of my addons since they work only "behind the scene".

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I don't want this button to appear in my UI at all, and immediately used about:config to remove it.

I can appreciate that others might find it useful, so an ability to move it to the overflow menu would be a suitable compromise.

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Of course I don't want this extensions button on my toolbar.  Let me put the extensions I interact with back into overflow and hide the rest, please.

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I created an account just to post this.

I want the option to hide this button.

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Firefox always was customizable tool and I appreciate the ability to have as minimal setup as possible.
Behavior with Extensions icon is an anti-pattern for Firefox in my opinion.

This Icon should be customizable with menu or with config flags. I guess a lot of people just don't want it. If Firefox team has shift in their view of the future UI, at least give the ability to customize it.

Making moves

I'm not happy about how limited the Overflow Menu is now. I had many buttons & extensions sorted and setup and now have lost all that functionality.

Please return the more open-ended Overflow Menu's functionality.

Making moves


I definitely want the option to move the button, Firefox is famous for customization options, don't take it away from us now, I like making it my own! Please!

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le ultime versioni stanno dando dei problemi su facebook, i video che apri non si vedono!