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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

New member

I strongly support this idea of taking extensions back to overflow menu. Also it would be great if "Search Tabs" button will only appear when amount of tabs doesn't fit in the visible line.

New member

Allow the extensions button to be removed from the toolbar please!

Extensions button only shows two out of the 14 extensions that are active on my Firefox. Seems a bit pointless if the extensions button can't display ALL extensions. Also extensions (Add-ons??) tend to be load and forget, unless some action is required. An unneeded addition to Firefox especially when there is no option to turn the extensions button off!

New member

Get rid of this new annoyance NOW!!!!!!!!!! Firefox just gets more and more "controlling" and insistent on telling users what they MUST use and endure! Get out of our way!

Strollin' around

I signed up to Mozilla Connect just to comment about this issue. It's driving me insane. I like to completely customize my Firefox experience, but now that useless icon is taking space and I don't want it over there.

Many people are suggesting (here and on other websites) to change a setting in the about:config page, but that's not a good solution, nor a "permanent" one. Why do I have to mess with the internal browser configs when we already have a tool capable of customizing the toolbar?

New member

Give user an option to "remove Extension icon from toolbar"

Of course, I have already removed the Extension icon which was planted on my toolbar.  But I had to reconfig to do it.  No big deal, but Microsoft Edge gives their user an easier option by simply being able to right-click the icon and check "remove Extension from toolbar".  Why doesn't Firefox give us the same easy removal?  Not everyone needs or want this icon.  Please consider.  It needs to be  found in the menu, or like with Microsoft Edge, be able to right click the icon to get rid of it.

Making moves

Overinstall v108, block auto-updates and wait for Firefox version without idiotic buttons on toolbar.

Making moves



" is currently not possible to remove this button or change its location. This is by design. The extensions toolbar button is now the primary user interface and allows access to per-site permissions for MV3 extensions"


Is someone able to explain in layman's terms what this means? What does being able to customize your toolbar have to do with the functionality of extensions?

New member

The user should be able to decide if they want to remove the extensions button. This was what made FireFox great, options not forcing choices.

New member

I agree, it is not very useful to have a fixed button there. Personally I have no use for this new Extensions Button and really want to remove it so that it won't take up valuable space

New member

It would make more sense if it was pinned in the "Security" or "Site information" menus, or at least movable to the "More tools menu, if one of your key features is customizability that is.