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Status: New idea

Hi, I am aware of the "confirm before closing multiple tabs" setting in Firefox, but that's not quite the warning I want from my browser.

I tend to group some tabs in a "home window" that I always want to start back up in, but sometimes use other windows. Ideally I will always remember to close secondary windows before my "home window" with my normal tabs, but I sometimes accidentally leave a secondary window on another monitor, close my home window, and lose my tabs, having to recreate them. Not the end of the world but an annoyance. The existing warning really doesn't work for me because I don't want to be warned when I close my multi-tab home window if it's the last window (because that just adds a step to my process, I don't need to be warned for that) but I want to be warned if I'm closing my multi-tab window before another window.

Basically, I want a "confirm before closing multiple tabs unless it's the last window you're closing" warning option in the settings. Why should I be warned about closing my last multi-tab window if I have Firefox set to restore my previous tabs anyway? I don't need a warning, they'll just be back there when I restart the browser. What I do want a warning for is when I close a multi-tab window where there is, for instance, a popup I wasn't aware of, or just some random window I opened and forgot about. That's when you lose your tabs and have to recreate them.

 So please, make it possible for me to get a warning before I close my tabs and they will not be restored (which is achieved by closing a multi-tab window before other windows, or just closing it in general if tabs are not to be restored from previous session) but spare me the warning when I close my tabs and they will be restored. Thank you.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Strollin' around

As a setting (i.e. option), I'm in favor of this idea.  I'm not sure if I would ever use it with my current usage & circumstances, but the argument posed by the originating poster makes sense.

As a suggestion I hope will prove useful to the original poster:  In the 'History' sub-menu, there is a 'Recently Closed Windows' item (as well as a similar 'Recently Closed Tabs' item), which should prove useful for you in most cases.  As long as there is a window left with an accessible menu (via the hamburger menu or menu bar), you should be able to restore your "Home" window without a hitch!  And it will have all of its tabs that were there when it closed.  (If the only window left is a surprise pop-up, as you mention may happen, it may be one of those [editorializing: nasty ones] that just don't allow a menu bar to display; and in that case, I think you're out of luck.)

Thanks for the idea!