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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Hi. I think it would be really great if you could pause the video by single-clicking anywhere in the video window. Single-click currently does nothing, so the action should be free to use. Two reasons for the request:

1. Many web players (YT, Netflix) work this way, and it's natural. I am already used to it, and often when I want to pause a PIP video, the first thing I do is click the picture, only to get confused that it does not work, and realise after a while, that this will not work here.

2. It is the fastest way to pause the video if you need to do it immediately. Searching for the pause button takes much more time (especially that it's not visible all the time).

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Making moves

small, but amazing idea!



Thank you for the idea, this is something we might consider in the future.

You can currently also use the spacebar to pause or play PiP videos.

Strollin' around

I know, and I use it sometimes, but the spacebar works in active window only. So it still requires a click in the PIP window to make the spacebar work.

New member

Simply NO!

Click to Focus, Space to Pause/Play.

New member

It doesn't need to be made the default behavior which should calm @dq 😛

But adding it as an option would be great for those of us looking for it.

Strollin' around

great Idea, I came here just to suggest it too.

to Mozilla:

In case if this is not possible, a bigger play/pause button in middle, is an okay solution.

everywhere uses the left click, from external browser to all the websites and I am used to it so much that I can't get annoyed and can't get used to how Firefox pip window even though I have been using it since it was released. 

Also, the volume slider disappear when the pip window get smaller, and I think it be visible at much lower window size, in fact other browser show the volume slider in those small sizes when I tested them (I was curious how other browsers pip works)


lastly, Thanks for the pip and thanks for the volume slider, and please make it better ❤️