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Making moves
Status: New idea

Would it be possible to add a function or extension to display the page's video in Picture-in-picture mode as this Google Chrome extension does:

Works perfectly on Kiwi Browser on Android.

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New member

Such so the video player would stay on screen while user scrolls it's page and switches tabs. Currently Firefox for Android pops-up a video if its opened in fullscreen and then the browser is minimized, but that's not enough because browser itself is 1 of the largest parts of many workflows.


Options which don't work:

1. Some devices allow to open apps in split-screen and pop-up views, but currently, when Firefox pops-up a video, its removed from the list of active apps so can't be framed, and this doesn't allow to open multiple instances of the same app.

2. An Android 4.4's "Browser" allowed to manage source of almost any video by long-touching the player, that could be combined with VLC for opening PIP players. But currently Firefox doesn't even have an addon which would work and allow to get stream's web address.