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Create a session identifier that has persistence through episode reloads.

Essentially I think it would be a good idea, for the browser itself to recognize when a streaming service is running, and if the service offers episode to episode playback.

As we know the website reloads after each episode, and that is something that we simply cannot change. So the PIP (Picture In Picture) utility must change. There must be a way to take in session identifiers for Netflix, Hulu, Stream Inc, etc.. When a video is running, the picture in picture scripts will asynchronously request playback data from the tab it belongs to. If the tab does not respond with a valid cookie, or session data within x amount of seconds. The utility, THEN, will close.

To clarify, the tab will reload a new page, but the Picture In Picture will also reload a new page - with the tab. But now can request input from playback.

This could possibly mean that a user could have an empty "TV Screen" open at all times and when the user plays videos the video will be sent to the "Mini TV" always. I think that would be REALLY cool. People would like it. I would like it.

I don't think that this will be a difficult utility to program / upgrade. And the usability and enjoyment of this Browser will be improved. Thereby, it will be more valuable than other Browsers.

Having a little TV for all viewing, really seems nostalgic.

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