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Making moves
Status: New idea


How to change the visualized data in header and footer layout I found out by spending many hours.
But I want to see (nearly) the complete url in the pdf footer. Web search was unsuccessful.

If there is really no option in about:config to resize the space for urls now, this would be a nice feature for future versions. And if there is an option: please tell me asap!

Here you can see what I mean:
URL.jpgThere is no footercenter so there is enough space to expand the footerleft nearly to the footerright. If there is a footercenter of course there would be less space.

And this is the changed header:
header.jpgIt would be great to choose between date and time or only date shown in the header. but this is luxury and not really necessary. 🙂

Best regards

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

It is possible to configure the left, centre and right fields in both the header and footer of Firefox using ‘about:config’. However neither the left or right settings conform to the page width settings so anything in those fields is either hard over to the left or jammed over to the right regardless of the page settings. There is no way in Firefox to make them conform to the page margin settings, or to make them continue on another line if the content is very long, i.e. a long URL.

I do not understand why this particular part of the Firefox configuration does not conform to the page settings. I, for one, wish it did

New member

print.show_page_setup_menu  is set to 'True' but page margins still not reflected in header and footer which still print to the page edge.