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Status: New idea

I just discovered that Thunderbird 102.10.1 has changed pasting a link into a message, to format it as a "formatted" link, not the link itself.  A search shows that ctrl/shift/v will paste the actual link. However, other programs paste the actual link, so remembering that Thunderbird is not standard is hard. I prefer the actual link text because that makes it obvious that it is a link and the viewer can see where the link goes. I suggest an option if some people want a formatted link.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing this feedback, @galenabear. If this is a request to change the standard behavior to paste the actual link (if I'm understanding correctly), I'd suggest updating the title of your idea to clearly capture the idea. This will also make it easier for others to search for and discover the post. Or if this is general feedback on the change, that's fine too.