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I have the need to use the same web url but to logon with multiple different logon names and passwords currenly you can only store one password and user ID for one url. you need to have a Note-field which you can put in the text readable information to identify the user information. then store the User ID and password and Web URL. if that was done the password feature would be a whole lot batter, and could cope with multiple user id's for the same URL.

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well, I have like 10 AWS accounts, each being identified by an uniqe account number but often same username.

it is so confusing at the login promt to pickup the right combination of id and username since there is no hint/note to witch acoount those belongs.

An adittional field with a note or it may be inline with the username, but short - would be lifesafer. or at least, have this info in the Logins and Passwords

and this happens to a lot of other sites to which I have multimple accounts (using container tabs)