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Making moves
Status: New idea

Deal Mozilla,

I have been using Firefox since it was literally version 1 and *as a browser* it is still an awesome product. I want Firefox to continue to exist and thrive.

But lately it has been annoying me with this VPN nonsense plus other useless (for me) things like Pocket.


I have also been donating to Mozilla Foundation for many many years now (ever since I started making income) so I don't mind paying to support Firefox. But I don't want to pay for things like VPN (I am technologically literate enough to know how to protect myself without it).

But I am sick an tired of these "value adding" features being shoved down my throat. They add 0 value to me and it's making my browser experience bad enough to not want to use Firefox at all.

So here is what I propose: I am willing to pay a couple of dollars per month (just don't abuse this by adding a Netflix level subscription) to get access to Firefox "Pro","Plus", "Red" or whatever you want to call it. And I don't want any other features except the great browser I am used to but with all these ads turned off. Don't ask me again about Mozilla VPN, don't ask me to try out Pocket and in no way add "suggestions" to my new tab page.

What do you think? Can we meet in the middle so you get some monetary income and I can stop being abused by a product that I used and loved for almost 2 decades?

Yours (but not for long if you keep this up), a Firefox fan.

Thank you

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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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The idea of removing Pocket from Firefox is already in In review status. Please calm down.

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You want to PAY for Ad-Free Firefox when Firefox already offers the option to disable Sponsored Stories and whatnot FOR FREE?!?!?!

Making moves

My point is that I want to support Firefox so that Mozilla don't have to do these desperate and suicidal promotions of other products for monetization. The campaigns are as annoying as YouTube constantly asking you to get YouTube Premium and all that (or what Mozilla is doing) is want to stop using Firefox.

If the alternative is me (and others) quitting Firefox completely and snowballing into Mozilla going full bankrupt, I would rather stay away from that future.

So if Mozilla needs income to produce a great browser, I would rather directly pay for that and keep Mozilla afloat.

So it's not about just disabling Pocket or Suggestions (of course I did that already :P) but that's like installing ad block for YouTube, and it might not be sustainable for any side.

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@alexj Whether it is Pocket or VPN, discussions are going on separately. If it is a discussion about mozilla's operating policy, I suggest that it be done in the discussion forum, not in ideas.

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I don't use Mozilla much often buth those times that I use it I don't see Pocket or other offers, probably you enabled Snippet options, in fact that shows tips and news from Mozilla and Firefox, then you can disable ads on webpages with an adblocker, I use AdBlocker Ultimate (free from Firefox Extensions) and it's really accurate and much customizable to your tastes. Moreover, you can try disabling Recommend extensions while browsing and Recommend functions while browsing, then you should never see suggestions again.


Making moves

I am not asking for help getting rid of the features mentioned, which is why this is not a Discussion forum thread.

It's clear that Mozilla is having financial issues (otherwise it would just offer all of these things for free or at the very least it wouldn't be pushing the payed features so insistently).

The reason why this is a proposal ("Idea") is because I want to transmit to Mozilla the fact that there are people like me who don't just use Firefox because it's free as in free beer. There are people that are willing to financially contribute in order to make sure that Firefox as a browser is sustainable.

The problem I see is that Mozilla's current approach is negatively affecting that very target audience. Currently I have the option to pay for services that I don't need (VPN, Pocket) but I don't have the option to pay for the service I _do_ need (the Firefox Web Browser).

So my proposal is to make that an option: being able to be a payed customer of the Firefox Browser without any other services.

Hope this makes more sense. Thanks.