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Status: New idea

Current solution's to enable "Clear history when Firefox closes" and it's not convinient, because there's need to tap something to clear history. I suggest to add an option to turn off history completely just like it was possible on Fennec version with the places.history.enabled pref.

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Option to not holding the history is must.

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In other words, add an “Always use Private Mode” switch.

Currently you can switch to private mide and open a window. Firefox (for iOS in my case) will return to it UNLESS you close all the private tabs, in which case it returns to non-private mode and starts collecting cruft in the cache — necessitating manual clearing.

It’s an annoyance that would be completely eradicated if we could set the mobile app to private-only — just like we already do for desktop Firefox!

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We can have a History , tab at Settings. There we can select what we want to keep if we want to keep it.


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(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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Much desired, especially since there's no true way to use the private browsing mode at all times on Android (the user can easily miss-press when opening a new tab, at least).

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@Anonymous What? Isn't it has been able to always use private browsing mode?