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Status: New idea

Before updating to newer version bookmark folders were yellow as they should,but in current version they are white and there is no way to change that.This should be added to options so we could chose the color we want. 

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I am talking about Firefox.

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Color Coded Bookmarks

I think it would be great to be able to color code bookmarks in Firefox . It would help distinguish my bookmarks faster in folders. It would also help for all dyslexic people out there, because they can just color code it to their liking. It can also be from just a few, select colors, which can be changed with a theme. What are your thoughts?

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Edit bookmark folder icon or colour

The ability to change at least the folder's colour. It may be the same shaped regular icon, but when editing it why not add a simple colour palette of some sort. 10 to 15 common colours is enough i think.

Folder icons are kinda blending with some grey themed backgrounds, also with websites that has no icon, or icon not loading.

More options for colours, thank you.

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Custom folder icons and/or colours for bookmarks

As per title.

Like many people I would imagine, I have lots of bookmarks. Folders are crucial for organisation.

Being able to use custom icons or colours could improve the look and feel.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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@DeRoach @SNS75 there are also some other ideas more focused on customizing or improving the icons for bookmarks here:

Be able to change icons for bookmarks 

Use emojis instead of the folder icon in the bookmarks toolbar 

Feel free to vote and share your input there as well 🙌

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so agree and thi size as option and two rows for them (rows number as option)

and not only colour but also the pictogram of it (not only folder pictogram You know)

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The reason I don't use Firefox as much is because of the folder color being white, that may sound pathetic but I am not alone its just not comfortable for my eyes. At least make them yellow.

Making moves

@Choomleeyou can try installing some there, though? e.g. check out groovebox-styled themes

Or even create your own using Firefox Color

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This is long overdue and should have been and remained a thing from the start.

With all the complicated coding that goes into creating the Firefox browser, which I've personally been using ever since the version number was single digits, one would think adding the abilty for the user to choose a custom colour (yes, from the UK) would be a walk in the park.

I have to wonder why there isn't at least the option for this when creating themes.

OK, I currently have the yellow outline folder using the userchrome.css method, but it should be easiet than having to faff around than messing with config files and be doable with a colour picker option.

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I'd also like the ability to change the color and possibly the folder icon for bookmarks on the toolbar.  The folders tend to all blend in now.

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I'm a somewhat new user of Firefox and actually thought I was missing some bookmarks for weeks until I realized my eyes were just bypassing the icons of the folders they were in. It is not easy to get used to the folder icons blending in. Making them an opaque yellow (or any other color) seems like SUCH an easy and basic adjustment for the developers to make?

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I often have sub folders within and the simple lined folder in competition with brightly coloured bookmarks makes it hard to see my sub folders.

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I would like to see color bookmark folder options as well.  They all look the same black and white. Color would add functionality and fun to the toolbar. 

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I would love to have the option to customize the bookmark folders color. It would make the folders so much quicker to find 🙌